CALUM SCOTT Shares New Single & Video "If You Ever Change Your Mind"

Published on 10 February 2022 at 12:33



Calum Scott doesn’t need too much introduction, the multi-platinum selling singer-songwriter has continuously released critically acclaimed music since rising to fame after the 2015 season of Britain’s Got Talent. But for those who are unaware, the Yorkshire-bred soulful pop artist is making headlines with his latest song.


Produced by eight-time Grammy Award winner Greg Kurstin, ‘If You Ever Change Your Mind’ opens on a gorgeously stark vocal performance from Calum, accompanied only by wistful piano work. As the track develops and its commanding rhythms kick in, the reflective voice of Calum Scott looks back on a broken romance with both regret and renewed perspective.


Ultimately, Calum Scott’s latest adventure in his glistening musical tale builds an irresistible tension between his never-ending affection and newly heightened sense of self-worth.


Discussing the inspiration behind the beautiful song, Calum explains:Five years ago, I fell in love so hard that ever since we parted ways, there has been an invisible tether between us, sometimes existing silently, other times pulling on me like a rope attached to my chest. “


“I got together with Mozella and Hayley Warner in LA to write this one and had the pleasure of working with the legend, Greg Kurstin on track and vocals. I really enjoyed stepping into a new sound with Greg on this song - I feel we struck the balance of lyrics that tell the story of heartbreak and conflict but maintain a hopeful and reminiscent sound that makes this song feel so good!



The music video that accompanies the track, which is directed by the magnificent Harry Law, beautifully dramatises the song’s narrative of longing and conflicted emotion. To that end, the visual centres on an estranged couple engaged in an intense push-and-pull — an element perfectly captured in the video’s meditative and endlessly mesmerising choreography.


It goes without saying, but Calum Scott’s latest tune just picks up where the Yorkshireman left his last song - which was greeted with 250,000 streams. 


Despite already receiving a Brit Award nomination, and working with some of the industry’s best, there is still a lot more for him to achieve, but with the rate at which he's going, there isn’t a doubt in our minds that he won’t make it. 


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