Published on 8 February 2022 at 17:16

Words: Adam Wright


Here’s the latest installment to the Our Sound Music weekly singles round-up. With this list we hope to give your week that much needed new music boost. 


As always we’ll start with this week’s Single Of The Week. This week we’ve chosen the new release from The Pylons. The London five-piece dropped the smooth sounding ‘Mona’ on Friday and, with it, have added another gem to their already gleaming discography. The track features a naughties-inspired sound, complete with twangy guitars, clean sounding vocals and a full-bodied rhythm section. Don’t let this track pass you by. 


Next on this week’s list is the debut drop from the post-punk band, Baudelaire. The tune is named ’Prayers’ and it achieves a lot in its short 2 minute and 37 second run time. It’s sharp guitar lines, sludgy rhythm and groaning vocals deliver a sound that seems to embody bottled-up ambition. It’s a great first effort from a band who have proven they can wield their creativity in captivating ways.


Next up is the new track from More In Luv. The group first perked the ears of the team at OSM with their previous singles. Their new tune, titled ‘Living for Two’ marks a change in both sound and outlook for the group. Hip-Hop beats and indie pop synths provide the backdrop for reflective lyrics that put the band back in the consciousnesses of indie fans. 


Moving on to the next tune now. It’s the new tune from the solo artist, Silvi. The track, called ‘Rain’, explores the task of learning to deal with feelings of rejection. Its electronic beats, floaty vocals, and powerful pop choruses show a more experimental side to the Scottish singer, and fans of hers will be able to catch her at the OSM All-Dayer in October this year. 


Next this week we have the latest single from the Newcastle-based solo artist, Holly Rees. The tune, named ‘English Bay’, has been in the makings since Holly's 2019 Canadian tour. Its gritty and indie rock sound evokes The Cranberries, while its witty lyrics give the track a further edge and further showcase Holly’s innate songwriting ability.


Next up is the new drop from the solo artist George Hennessey. He’s been sitting on the track, titled ‘Go With The Flow’, for 10 years. It features an angelic, Stone Roses inspired vocal with soft instrumentation to match. It’s taken from the 29-year-old singer’s upcoming debut album which, if this tune is anything to go by, is set to be a cracker. 


The last tune on the list this week comes from a solo artist you’ve probably heard of. Liam Gallagher’s new single dropped on Friday and offered the first peak of the start of the ex Oasis frontman’s new album. The track, named ‘Everything’s Electric’, picks up where the singer left off. Its indie drenched, anthemic makeup shows the singer’s exponential rise to the top to be far from running out of juice. 


You can listen to all of the above releases now on our Spotify Playlist here


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