NATHALIE MIRANDA Bends Genre Boundaries With Retro Anthem “Is This Love”

Published on 16 February 2022 at 16:39

Photo: Simon Cookson

By Angus Sinclair


Nathalie Miranda has been harnessing shades from the vibrancy of pulsing 80’s pop, and has aptly produced “Is This Love”, a bouncing track sprinkled with exuberant nostalgia.  Booming vocals intertwine with 80s synthesisers to create a distinct sound that will leave fans drawn back to the brilliance of a once thriving genre. 


The retro anthem indeed has hints of disco, rock, punk, and old-school pop to intricately create a shining final piece, all the while maintaining an energetic air of authenticity.  To conclude the track, a slick key change mixes the recipe and does so to emphatic effect. The deft twist adds another element to a song that refuses to be defined by such trivial things as genre and typical music blueprints.


Words from the woman herself, offering her thoughts on the new release:

The single has always been a nod to 80s pop and my favourite musical decade. I rewrote the first verse and the middle 8 section, which brought the song back to life.”


“Is This Love” differs from the dance-pop, perhaps even house undertones that some of Miranda’s other top tracks have utilised; notably, “Soul On Fire” and “You’re Outta Time” – two of her most streamed songs – grasp such influences whilst adding flair and panache.  The unique style remains, but certainly does channel that nostalgic pump of 80’s pop that will do little but increase enthusiasm over the diversity and inquisitive nature that comes when crafting her trade.



Glowing red hair and a bubbly personality encapsulate Miranda’s presence as a musician and illustrate the originality that has captivated her growing audience, and such external factors do not deter from her brimming talent, in fact strengthening her ability and stature as an artist surging to the top.


Nathalie Miranda is a brilliant musician, with her powerful voice in tandem with innate song writing; with eclectic blending of instrumentals partnering smart, professional production; experimental use of style weaving around genre-bending rhythms.


Miranda exceeds expectations with each release, and 'Is This Love' is no different. The London-based singer is creeping towards the forefront of the industry, with a unique sheen that will leave her musical presence imprinted on all who hear her tunes. 








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