YEARLONG Release Energetic New Single "Playing Out"

Published on 16 February 2022 at 09:54

Photo: Georgia Penny



Yearlong and their latest release ‘Playing Out’ is constructed on the very idea that music must be energetic and chaotic. Of course, this isn’t the case, but the latest band to emerge from the overgrowth of the northwest makes a pretty good case for it.


Now taking centre stage with biting guitars and thunderous anthems amongst the new wave of alternative music hitting the airwaves, the ambitious new emo-driven punk four-piece have produced a soundscape worthy of high plaudits.


Yearlong’s latest single echoes exciting punk melodies and guitarwork that can be closely compared to that of bands such as The Story So Far and Tiny Moving Parts. With an outward approach to music, the quartet from South Cumbria are hoping to impress everywhere and anyone they can in 2022.


Photo: Georgia Penny


With new music and singles on the horizon, coupled with a future debut EP, Yearlong seeks the start of a future that inhabits something extraordinary. But for now, tuck in tight to their latest release ‘Playing Out’. 


'Playing Out', the energetic new single from Yearlong is out now on all major streaming platforms.






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