'Headstart" The Debut Single From SMALL TALK Is Out Tomorrow

Published on 17 February 2022 at 17:41



As things stand, the exciting new Bournemouth-based band Small Talk are just a small cog in the large indie wheel, but with their electric debut single causing a stir in the musical melting pot, their role in the industry is bound to skyrocket.


‘Headstart’ touches on topics such as love, loss, heartbreak, loneliness, and inferiority in a world where everyone is constantly trying to better each other, buy new things, and show off their latest achievements. As humble as ever, Small Talk tackles the topics head on, producing a sublime soundscape to welcome the world to their music.


Formed in the shadows of the pandemic, the four-piece indie rock band encapsulates a whole new generation of guitar-driven indie music. With euphoric melodies, catchy hooks and lyrics drenched in teenage angst, the Bournemouth musicians are ready to sing their anthems from the rooftops for the whole world to hear.



When school friends Ben Lewis and Ali Barron had a passion for the same genre of music, they forever dreamed of playing in a band and touring the country. As a result, they both started writing songs together. With the inclusion of Harry Whitton and Jack Babbe, Small Talk was brought to life.


Small Talk already have a grip on their seaside town, but with the release of ‘Headstart’ paving the way for a potentially meteoric rise to the fore, they have the rest of the country in their sights for 2022. 

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