DEAD STAR TALK "Too Many Too Much"

Published on 18 February 2022 at 09:44



Reigning from Copenhagen, Denmark, Dead Star Talk have recently burst onto the rock scene with their debut album ‘Too Many Too Much.’ Wrapped in a silver-lining of anthemic stadium size euphoria and charismatic lyrics, the core of the release delivers a spectrum of rock ballads that feather the throttle in a cyclone of moods and motives.


For these passionate individuals, they have clearly taken aspects of music that they enjoy and merged them together to curate a tracklist of songs that expertly distribute an array of influences and sounds that coexist in harmony. Although Denmark and its musical culture has rarely set sail to the shores of the UK, their soundscape is predestined to meet the demands of the British people’s immobile tastes. 


Taking shade under the umbrella of American grunge rock, Dead Star Talk will most likely find their target audience through those who wish to relive the days of Seattle’s zenith or within the depths of Britain's growing, heavier rock landscape. 


While radio coverage often magnetizes itself towards the slower and more peaceful tracks in the modern era, avoiding any connotations of heavier music, Dead Star Talk are good at finding the perfect balance between the spectrum of heavy and electric, slow and calming. Most songs take a more adrenaline-fuelled approach, but numbers such as ‘Don’t Wait (While You’re Still Young)’ and ‘Golden Boxes’ lenify the listeners with less throttle and more amity. 


They showcase a sound much more well-rounded and mature than what would be expected of a band just one year into their journey, but truth be told, this four-piece have already experienced a lot of highs in their musical endeavours. 


The quartet were already moving from strength to strength at prodigious rates before the release of their statement album, having hit the ‘post-pandemic’ live circuit running with explosive shows at legendary festivals such as Rolling Stone Beach and SPOT Festival, but with the emancipation of their first full release, it successfully translates their successes into musical notes and outlandish yet amazing sing-along choruses.


‘Too Many Too Much’ was recorded with esteemed, Grammy-winning Metallica producer Flemming Rasmussen, who has since enthused his excitement at the new Danish stars, and we can understand why. Pointing towards their attitude and energy, the fabled producer was welcomed to Metallica-esque highs through the effervescent sounds of Death Star Talk. 


All in all, Dead Star Talk have released a debut album that is well ahead of their time. We expect this band to go places very soon, with their music washing up on the shores of America, the UK, and more! Although hailing from a country with little musical connection to the powerhouses of the world, they have proven that anything is possible, and it’s difficult to comprehend that this is just their first full long play release. 


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