“Dance With Somebody” The Iconic Whitney Houston Song Has Been Reimagined And Transformed By CONOR MAYNARD

Published on 18 February 2022 at 17:43

Words: Kyle Anderson


The 11th of February 2022 marked the 10th Anniversary of the passing of music icon and legend Whitney Houston. After working closely with the Whitney Foundation for clearance, Conor Maynard was able to release his re-imagined version of “Dance With Somebody” paying tribute and homage to one of the greatest musical icons of all time and someone who has and still continues to inspire him to this day.


Conor’s take on the bonafide classic sees him reimagine the track from the iconic upbeat smash hit into a melancholic and sombre fresh pop ballad. The track begins with soft and gentle piano chords bringing a reflective tone to the song, giving an immediate new yet familiar feel with a tone and tempo change from the Whitney original. 


Conor’s version of the song came about from simple beginnings, playing with a set of chords he loved whilst sat at his piano . Months passed before one day it came to him.  He sang the lyrics “ Oh I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and he knew instantly this was the perfect match. Combining Conor’s pitch perfect vocals that he is known for with this catchy melody  Conor’s version of the track was born. “Dance With Somebody” continues Conor’s theme of heartbreak heard within his single “What I Put You Through” which was released in November last year.


Conor is known for reimagining tracks and for covering well known hits and “Dance With Somebody” is no exception. Conor possesses an excellent talent of bringing about the emotions and nostalgia of original songs whilst bringing a new and fresh feel to them, stamping his musicality into each track he covers. 


Conor’s success in music is something to be applauded with “Contrast” his debut album securing a UK number one in the charts and providing the talented singer with 5 UK top ten singles, bringing with it international stardom. Worldwide fans could not get enough of Conor with this Youtube channel gaining a staggering 2.5 billion views and boasting a subscriber count of 12.5 million people.


Conor's work saw him signed to a major label for a decade, achieving global success however in March 2020 he chose to set himself on a new path, going on his own as an independent artist and that move seems to of been genius. In 2021 Conor’s global listenership continued to grow at an exponential rate, amassing an impressive stream count exceeding 300 million across Spotify and Apple Music , with his recent single “What I Put You Through” gaining millions of plays alone. This move seems to have brought new life into Conor’s career, re-energised and with a new purpose, Conor looks set to take this year by storm.


“Dance With Somebody” the reimagined classic by Conor Maynard is out now on all major streaming platforms.


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