REILLY JAMES Changes Tune With Brooding New Single “All The Things You Said”

Published on 18 February 2022 at 19:16

By Angus Sinclair


Reilly James and The Summertones have released their first single of the year “All The Things You Said”. Brooding and enigmatic, the track experiments with new sounds and darker undertones in resounding style.


Previous releases display a different style of music entirely to the latest song, with a usually joyful and euphoric style replaced with a moodier side.  The inquisitive nature and desire to explore a blend of different genres certainly bodes well for future endeavours, with a diverse range of tracks demonstrating flexibility and an intrinsic ability when it comes to musical craftsmanship. 


Starting with a sincerely dark underbelly, the tune builds up as it goes along. Intricate layers of synths and guitars compliment the sturdy drumbeat and make for a tantalising and incremental build-up to a fantastic crescendo of an ending. Slick production really compliments the delightfully moody song, which illuminates James’ talent in constructing his tunes, and doing so in an array of different ways. 


Reilly James started his career as a producer, making club beats and tracks before biting the bullet and incorporating his distinctive voice into his music. After releasing a smattering of singles as a solo artist, Reilly James combined with The Summertones last year to merge talents and forge a path through the competitive Indie industry.



Having already been supported by BBC Introducing Merseyside, BBC Introducing Lancashire and Amazing Radio, there is only one direction that Reilly James is headed, and that is to the top.


The band consists of Jamie Smith (bass), Dan Lewis (drums), Jordan King (lead guitar), and Reilly James (vocals/rhythm guitar), with each member utilising their own musical talents to create a unique and catchy final product.  Reilly James is a musical experimentalist, and that can often be a slippery slope to go down when starting out. But alas, the crafting of his music is done with aplomb, and in fact separates him from other ‘safer’ artists.


The change in tune has worked emphatically, and Reilly James has only seen his stock rise with the brilliant release. Stay tuned to see what’s next!


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