OPAL SKIES Release ‘Parasite’: Profound And Unwavering In Its Passionate Intensity

Published on 22 February 2022 at 09:31

By Angus Sinclair


Atmospheric, energetic, unrelenting. A triad of expressions that epitomise Opal Skies’ new single ‘Parasite’, a ferocious number that has alerted the music industry to a new alternative rock presence hell-bent on establishing themselves at the top. 


With Parasite, the band brings a bundle of virtuoso energy that wraps comfortably around proficient production to unleash an emphatic and powerful track filled with punk and rock infusions.


The West London based four-piece consists of Will Sharp on vocals and bass, Tom Zero on guitar, Piers Berryman on drums, and Oliver Cherrington on keys and guitar, with the final product leaving little doubt that Opal Skies is the real deal.  The song's profundity stems from the importance of the message. A candid view on modern society exposes negative thoughts that many can have and how they can prove detrimental to a person’s wellbeing.


Such thoughts are sadly capable of seeping into anyone’s mind and the resulting effect can feel like a bug, deriving positive emotions and feeding on worries and insecurities.  This poignant evocative outlook allows the song to really resonate with the listener and aid the brimming musical potential that the band possess as they look to distinguish themselves and increase an expanding pool of support. 


Frontman Sharp’s decision to spin tales of a more solemn nature is something that the band hope can offer solace and comfort to those who listen, and maybe even allow them to better avoid unwanted situations.


He said, “Parasite is a song close to our hearts. We’ve all gone through times in our lives where we have had spiralling negative thoughts and it feels like a parasite in our minds.


 The lyrics speak from the first person and personify this negative thought, speaking from its perspective as if it is a conscious being. We felt like this would give a different interpretation of mental health to our listeners, hoping to help them view their negative thoughts in a different way. We hope the lyrics will help some of our fans.”


Guitarist Zero furthered the conversation, detailing the construction of the fantastic single.


“The riff for the song was made when Will and I first met back in 2019. It went through various different stages and demos with the rest of the band inputting their creative vision, before arriving at its final version that we are releasing on the 18th. 


We’re so happy with how it ended up and we can’t wait to play it live to our fans, it’s going to be mental!”


The lads had previously paved the foundation into their road to prominence with great effect after releasing singles ‘Look Back’, and ‘How I Wish’, each presenting different tones to a musical arsenal that has all the capabilities of bringing acclaim to a tremendously creative outfit. 


After taking a year out to work on new material and refine their talents as aspiring artists, the return has been resounding and an ode to hard work in the studio. 


To heap further praise on the up-and-coming band, there is building momentum over the vigorous nature of their live shows, with a seemingly innate ability to dazzle through raw, focussed energy and bouncing creativity.


To complement this bouncing presence, Opal Skies are looking to climb to the next step by embarking on a tour across the country, with over half a dozen new releases in hand. 


Opal Skies have not been around long and have only brushed the surface of the potential they have in the industry, but with three absolute corkers of songs out on all major platforms already, it is clear to anyone who listens that these guys have all it takes to see their names in lights in the not-so-distant future.


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