SHADE Continue Vigorous Industry Entrance With ‘Illusive Dreams’

Published on 22 February 2022 at 09:54

By Angus Sinclair


Robust Manchester-based alt-rock band SHADE have returned with electric new single ‘Illusive Dreams’, filled to the brim with roaring riffs and catchy, convincing vocals.  mThe single, released last week, adds to a growing cluster of tracks that exceed expectations each time, gradually cementing SHADE’s stature in the industry; a stature that shows little sign of ceasing. 


Through their music, SHADE – consisting of Luke, Adam, Macca, and Oliver – command a presence that has seen them go from strength to strength in the Manchester scene, harnessing the creative energy that comes in tandem with the area.  In Illusive Dreams, driven guitars and a sturdy drumbeat push the sound towards a cultured, polished conclusion, with the powerful vocals indeed adding to the crescendo of layers on show. 


Frontman Luke Owens explained the meaning behind the profound lyricism: The song itself is about these weird dreams I was having at the time of writing the record and I have always thought the best lyrics come to you in your dreams… we wanted to go down a different route and maybe more psychedelic in a way and with this song I really think we’ve captured the essence of illusive dreams.”


The incorporation of varying musical elements creates a truly authentic sound, whilst successfully leaving lingering shades of former Manchester-based outfits that have taken the world by storm across recent decades.  There is a real sense of continuation for a band striving for excellence in the industry, presenting dynamism and flair that enhances their stock with each passing track. 


Previous releases have seen SHADE amass hundreds of thousands of streams and aided a rise that has seen a radio breakthrough. Indeed, debut single ‘Neverdie’ received playtime on lauded radio stations ‘XS Manchester’, ‘Big Indie Giant’, and ‘Amazing Radio’ and worked wonders in presenting the band to the public. 


Good progress has been made, but SHADE has its sights set on bigger pots of gold. The four-piece have crafted a high ceiling for themselves with the success of their first compositions together, but such a challenge is one to be relished, they know that.


They know that they have the skill, the tenacity, the musical prowess to match their ambitions, and it is only a matter of time before the growing pond of support becomes an ocean. 


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