THEA FITZGERALD Releases The Breathtakingly Bold Anthem ‘Way Up’

Published on 22 February 2022 at 16:21



Melbourne singer-songwriter Thea Fitzgerald has released a breathtakingly bold anthem titled ‘Way Up’, a song that depicts loss and regret from her upcoming EP ‘Falling Forward’. 


Welcoming the listener into her world of pop and R&B, ‘Way Up’ is a sonically positive song written in a place of retrospective sorrow as an ode to her late grandmother. The heartfelt lyrics deliver glimpses of her emotion, before committing to a sense of hope and love that transpires through Thea’s free-flowing, beautiful vocals.


On the meaning of the track, Thea explains, “To be brutally honest, I didn’t adore my grandmother nearly as much as I should have until I was about 15. We then became extremely close, and she ended up passing away unexpectedly whilst I was on a gap year overseas. I hadn’t seen her for months and didn’t get to say goodbye, and I will always regret that I only really made 3 years of our relationship special.


Thea continues, “Try and leave yourself open to having the empathy to see through someone else's eyes and recognise that there is so much behind the exterior of every individual, and I honestly believe the majority of it is brilliant in everyone. We do ourselves and others such a disservice assuming that relationships and people are set in stone.”



With her glowing sense of positivity, while also entailing a sorrowful meaning behind her songs, Thea is a sonically unique artist who shows flashes of brilliance filtering through every thread in her tapestry of music. She has a penchant for infectious hooks and killer harmonies, and we can’t wait for the next journey. 






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