Published on 22 February 2022 at 17:18

Words: Adam Wright


Welcome to this week’s line-up.  Here is a selection of the new drops that have most caught our eye this week. As always, we’ll kick things off with our Single Of The Week and this week we’ve gone for the new release from The Fiends. The track is called ‘Small Talk (Doesn’t stand a chance)’ and is the Swansea-based band’s first release of 2022. It builds on the sound exhibited on 2021’s ‘The Glitz & Glamour’; featuring distorted guitars, frank social commentary and soaring instrumental breaks that combine elements of early Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and the Bottlemen and The Reytons to make something truly infectious. up is the vigorous new release from the Derby-based band, Marseille. The tune, named ‘She Knows a Place’ brings further high-octane grit to the group’s already explosive discography. With its Thin Lizzy-inspired guitar riff, Oasis-like vocals and punky urgency, the tune adds further to the band’s bite. ..sticking with indie rock for this next one and it’s the new drop from Hook. The Dublin-based trio dropped ‘I Want To See You Tonight’ last Friday and marked the start of their 2022. The tune features an Elvis Costello-like vocal, a kind of instrumental minimalism that gives the track a raw, and exciting edge. ..bringing a more pop-inspired vibe to this week’s list is Daisy Harris. Her new tune is taken from her forthcoming record and is titled ‘Get Free’. It features acoustic guitars, gentle vocals and emotive lyricism. The instrumentation, coupled with the soft vocal, showcases the Glasgow-based singer’s ability to soothe and comfort people with her music. A really pleasurable listen...the next release this week also brings a slightly more chilled out vibe. It’s the new one from Andrew Thomases; the track is named ‘Suburban Void’ and centers around the singer’s own recollections of his time growing up in suburban New York. It features catchy guitar lines, a Lou Reed-inspired vocal and relatable lyrics. ..back onto a more rocky vibe now with the new single from Salvation Jayne. The Kent-based group released their single, titled ‘Apathetic Apologies’, alongside its parent album, ‘A Mouthful of Magnificent Spite’. The track showcases the band’s aggressive pop-punk style, and will likely - alongside the group’s debut record - add to the excitement that surrounds them. we have a debut release, and it comes from the Bournemouth based quartet, Small Talk. Not to be confused with the track mentioned earlier, this track, named ‘Headstart’ exhibits catchy, guitar driven indie rock. The tune revolves around themes of being made to feel inferior by social media and the struggles of self acceptance. It marks a great introduction for the group. and last but by no means least on this week’s list is the new drop from Civic Green. The tune, named ‘Nowhere Close’ features a naughties inspired sound; showcasing stripped back verses, soaring choruses and feel good rhythms. It’s a fine addition to the South Yorkshire group’s material and is certain to nicely transfer onto the live stage. 


You can listen to all of the above new releases on our Spotify Playlist here




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