Hard Work And Dedication Flow Effervescently Through The Veins Of FOX EVADES’ New Song ‘Strange Forever’

Published on 26 February 2022 at 03:37



Hard work and dedication flow effervescently through the veins of Fox Evades’ new song ‘Strange Forever’. In anticipation of her debut EP titled ‘Nothing but Our Dreams’, which will be released in March 2022, the Manchester-born musician brings a profusion of influences to the fore.


From The Smiths to The Cure to The Pixies, Fox Evades beautifully strings together threads of all her favourite artists within her music. Delicate guitar strums that can be likened to the trademark Johnny Marr soundscape are washed in a harmonic vocal array in ‘Strange Forever’, making it an easy listen for all.


Talking about what the song means, Jordan Mae, the singer behind the name, explains: 


Strange Forever is about when you finally find that person who you connect with immediately, who is strange just like you and loves you for who you are. A person you feel comfortable being yourself around and that’s so hard to find. It’s a really personal song for me and I feel really nostalgic when I listen to it. It reminds me of a very important time in my life when I was discovering who I really am.


“As a queer woman, it often irritates me when people ask me “who is the man in the relationship?” and the middle 8 is about having both female and masculine traits. I think it really speaks to people who are androgynous, in particular, or are deemed as strange in society due to their gender identity and sexuality. 


“I really hope it speaks to people not only in the LGBTQ community but also anyone who feels uncomfortable being themselves. This shouldn’t be a problem for anyone in this day and age, and it shouldn’t be something that people should worry about but sadly it is. It isn’t your problem that you’re different. It’s society’s problem and this needs to change.”



While the songs in her growing catalogue are impressive, her work ethic is even more so. Fox Evades, as aforementioned, is the solo project of Jordan Mae - a DIY indie musician, songwriter, and bedroom producer. Essentially, Jordan is the most independent an indie artist could get, and this is something to admire.


Having taught herself how to play the guitar at the tender age of seven, Fox Evades shows all the resilience and energy of someone bound to go far in the music world. Although a brilliant song, ‘Strange Forever’ is just a small piece to Jordan’s jigsaw, so be sure to check out all of her riches. 








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