LYENA Release Their Razor-Sharp Anthem "Boys Toys"

Published on 27 February 2022 at 07:30



London post-punk band Lyena have released ‘Boys Toys’, a razor-sharp and energetic anthem that looks to respond to the growing concept of British Nationalism. By using political undertones and intoxicating riffs, this trio are ready to take on the world.


As an ode to overnight activism, Lyena take on their trademark dark themes in a rousing attempt to proliferate the success they garnered from their 2021 hit single ‘Keep Swimming’. The Londoners continue to make a name for themselves, and the new polished sound they boast in their first release of 2022 proves just that.


The main idea for this track was about the ongoing battle for control currently happening in the UK,” explains vocalist Omar McKay. “It’s about the back-and-forth blame game that happens so often in politics and trickles down to society in an unhealthy way. For ‘Boys Toys’ we really wanted to strip everything back and just focus on a few big hooks. Where we’d usually layer tracks and grow upwards, we tried the opposite and worked from the top down.”


Photo: Alice Titshall


Lyena were brought together in the chaos of London. Forming as friends with a love of the energetic, their music intertwines the struggles of 21st Century Britain with a narrator lost in the world around them. The trio have become known in the London music scene for their fast-paced, no-nonsense performances. With shows in the UK scheduled for the first half of 2022, Lyena have plans to tour the UK later this year as well as make festival appearances throughout the summer.








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