"It's Only Now That I Know", The New Reflective Indie-Rock Anthem From MATT SAXTON Is Out Now

Published on 27 February 2022 at 08:47

Words: Kyle Anderson


“It's Only Now That I Know”, the new single from UK-based Matt Saxton is all about wisdom and the journey we take in order to obtain it. The track reflects on the notion that at some point in life we look back at our lives and hopefully we can recognise the successes we have had along with the mistakes we have made. 

Musically, this indie-rock single is driven along by slide guitar and melodic organ with the chorus filled with Matt’s rousing vocals.


Like previous release “Animal” in December 2021, the first single from Matt Saxton’s new album, “It's Only Now That I Know” provides a reflective look back at the past from a mature and seasoned artists point of view.


Matt’s music over the years has found great success with his acoustic single “Seabird” being featured on Google’s homepage in 2015, gaining Matt fans across the globe. This was followed by the release of “Greeneland” the following year, a song about author Graham Greene that was released on The Animal Farm record label. Matt went on to focus on his album “I Wasn’t Looking For Love” which was released in February 2018 which was recorded and produced in London by Ville and Matt Leppanen in their studio.



With excellent reviews on “Animal”, his recent single in December, Matt Saxton has returned with his newest single “Its' Only Now That I Know” continuing the melancholic and reflective vibe. “Its Only Now That I Know” is out now on all major streaming platforms.








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