"Something Real" The New And Reflective Dance Anthem from BLUME Is Out Now

Published on 2 March 2022 at 19:18

Words: Kyle Anderson


Something Real”, the latest release from Blume instantly transports listeners back to a senior prom scene, being the one alone with no-one to dance with when you are surrounded by everyone dancing with their new love interests or their high school sweetheart. Although pulling on heart strings, the tune has an upbeat feel and gives that ray of hope that all hope is not lost, and that it could actually be the beginning of “Something Real”.


“Something Real” sees the talented Blume working with Aydren (vocalist & electronic music producer) and the pair have created an anthem that immediately makes you want to get up and dance. Combining an excellent melody within the chorus with gritty synths and riffs, the music gels seamlessly with the strong and yet airy vocals.


Blume, based in Los Angeles, California, has a strong background in music education being a classically trained musician along with his status as an UCLA music alumni. Blume has a real strength when it comes to electronic music production and his tracks paint the picture of his lyrics, allowing listeners to be transported into vivid and real life stories.



Blume takes musical influence from world renowned DJ’s such as Marshmello and Gryffin and the talented artist records and produces all of his work himself. Focusing on dance inducing music, Blume cleverly narrates his music with lyrics set to hit home with his listeners, have relatable stories told through a different musical lens. With the upbeat feel the song gives hope to those in this scenario that there could be a change on the horizon. 


“Something Real” the feel good reflective dance anthem from Blume is out now on all major streaming platforms.






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