"Gold Rush" The Shimmering Surf-Rock Single From THE UPSIDES Delivers In Spades

Published on 3 March 2022 at 14:24



Hailing from the concrete jungle of New York City, The Upsides have released their debut single ‘Gold Rush’ as the band look to give the world a sampling of their surf rock nature. An unusual combination of sunshine and wistfulness is personified throughout.


Following the story of a couple in love in the summer in their hometown, the song’s background is tinged with a modern sort of sadness, because it follows up with the inevitable reality of being apart by the end. 


However, you would not be able to tell it has sad connotations lying deep within. Shimmering surf-rock chords, a bouncing bassline, and plaintive vocals - sonically, ‘Gold Rush’ is an instant beam of delight, covered in a grooving soundscape that sways from side to side.


Talking about the release, drummer Dan Fullam explains: “We wrote ‘Gold Rush' in early 2021, as a way to kind of transport ourselves from a cold, quarantined winter in New York."


It felt like a lot of our friends and close ones were moving out of the city, and there was this overall trend of people having to stay apart because of the pandemic but becoming exhausted of it. ‘Gold Rush’ flipped that feeling on its head and became the antithesis of it. While the song obviously depicts a couple and has a bunch of true-to-life references, the idea was really a ‘gold rush’ of people coming back together.” 


Photo: Colin Rogers


‘Gold Rush’ is the first single from the quartet’s forthcoming debut EP ‘Patterns’, which is scheduled for release in April 2022. The creation will showcase clever riffs, thoughtful lyrics, and a diverse yet succinct palette of the group’s influences. 


An energetic and engaging live act, The Upsides have started their fresh life in music in the right frame of mind to achieve big things in a city where it’s easy to fall into the shadows of. 

New York City, you better buckle up. 






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