DANIEL LERNER Brings Beauty To His Music With Evocative And Heartfelt Single ‘Harvest The Moon’

Published on 3 March 2022 at 18:13

By Angus Sinclair


Daniel Lerner proves that sometimes, simplicity is key; his heartfelt new release “Harvest The Moon” is bright and beautiful as it tells the subtle love story.


The production leaves little more than a nuanced layering of acoustic guitar to compliment a raw and captivating voice that plants a love story centred on someone who may need space. Ambient white noise both kicks the song off and concludes it, leaving a sense of melancholy setting you up for the subsequent lyricism. 


The moving, subtle guitar dictates the story as Lerner sweeps his melodically raw voice across the track, singing an emotional tale about a relationship on something of a tightrope. Lerner’s talent as a multi-instrumentalist has aided the leap into the industry, with his musical arsenal being called upon to aid other bands and artists in performing across the New York music scene.  Indeed, plying his trade way out in New York City, United States, the talented singer-songwriter has harnessed elements from a range of genres to refine his indie-pop sound towards an authentic conclusion.


New York City has long been steeped in deep musical influence, which is something Lerner has been sure to latch onto as he progresses through the initial stage of his career. Harvest The Moon is released ahead of an imminent indie folk EP and calls upon influences from industry heroes such as Elliott Smith, Big Thief, Alex G, and Bon Iver.


Glimpses of such artists can be spied through Lerner’s work, but the distinctive aura surrounding the aspiring artist is unequivocal. 



Lerner proves a powerful point; you do not need intricately woven instrumentals to create a fantastic song. Rather, subtle shades of musical expression can provide a platform for the vocals to dictate the narrative. 


The delicately crafted lyrics parallel this message of simplicity whilst maintaining an air of originality that will allow listeners to resonate with the song:  I’d tuck my heart into your room, until the season’s out of bloom, I said I’d harvest you the moon, that was a promise. I traded vanity for doubt, when we had less to talk about, but I stayed in and you wanted out, that night was the darkest. Harvest the Moon is a beautiful song. Not only is the message filled with endearment and sincerity, but the music flows with conviction, the harmony of the music and man sit seamlessly side by side. 


Close your eyes and you are taken right there, fighting for love and being there for someone despite ostensible hardships. In that glorious, evocative moment, the vibrancy of Lerner’s music suffuses through your mind like a rising golden sunrise bespeckling a lake. 


Before you know it, you’re back in the zone, the music has faded, and beauty has passed. But Lerner offers what, in its essence, encapsulates his power as an artist. He tells stories of growing up, of past mistakes, of mental health strife, and of the acrimony of spiralling relationships. 


Through his music, Lerner makes you feel. And isn’t that what music’s all about?







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