CATH COURTLEY Shows Off Her Evocative Sound In The Mellow And Silky New Song ‘How Much'

Published on 6 March 2022 at 10:58



Cath Courtley shows off her evocative sound in the mellow and silky new song ‘How Much’. The Cardiff-born singer, songwriter, vocal leader, and arranger once again has proven her expertise at not only making music but also telling a story.


How Much’ builds on the theme of motherhood and children which Cath Courtley laid the foundations of in her first release. But this time, it focuses on the inner child that lives within us. 


With its downtempo/electronic identity, Cath’s first song of 2022 harks back to classics that Air and Portishead would be happy to release. Her seemingly effortless vocal medley combines perfectly with the atmospheric and sonorous backing beats.

Talking of her newest song, Cath Courtley explained: "Someone once told me about a famous billionaire who owned the biggest yacht in the world. The one day someone built a slightly bigger one, and it bothered him so much that he couldn't rest until he'd built another and could say he had the biggest yacht again."

"It reminded me of the kind of behaviour you see in toddlers and young children and made me wonder why we idolise people like this, when perhaps we should pity them."



Initially, Cath had chosen a career path that straddled along PR and Communications, having studied for a degree at the University of Birmingham. But after taking some time out after the birth of her daughter, she decided to take the leap of faith, pursuing a path towards being a professional musician.


It may have felt like a gamble at the time, but looking at her releases so far, it now looks more like the best (and right) decision of her life. We love her. 







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