THE COVASETTES Bring The Sunshine On Mesmerising New Track "Big Dreamer"

Published on 6 March 2022 at 14:27

Photo: Ianthe Warlow



Entwining together the summer-like dance feels of Two Door Cinema Club with the anthemic hooks of the likes of Foals and Blossoms, The Covasettes continue to etch themselves into the fabric of the Manchester music scene. 


‘Big Dreamer’ is the latest subliminal addition to their mesmerising list of brilliant songs, and while it features the similar bouncy sounds we have become accustomed to, it delves deeper into emotions compared to previous releases. 


The soundscape of ‘Big Dreamer’ still teeters on the four-piece’s trademark guitar riffs and sugary undertones that are glued together by Chris’ all-embracing, harmonious vocals, but when speaking of the track, the frontman insists that there is a lot more to it.


He said:Big Dreamer encapsulates everything that The Covasettes stand for. It's such an anthemic song that will have people either dancing around their kitchens or feeling like they can take on the world. 


“The song came together so quickly in the writing stage which is always a good sign and we really geared it towards the festival vibe that we really love. Lyrically it delves a touch deeper and centres around having strong feelings for someone and wanting them to realise their dreams and self-worth, despite what they may think of themselves.”


The Covasettes are quickly making a name for themselves, having received heavy rotation on national radio from stations such as BBCR1 and BBC Radio 5 Live. The Mancunian-based band has amassed over 1.5 million streams on Spotify alone, highlighting their ephemeral rise. 


The cold days are transient now, so summer is on its way. ‘Big Dreamer’ harks back to the days of warmth and fun, and The Covasettes prove yet again that they are no longer a small fish in a big pond. 


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