TATUM QUINN Releases Sassy New Track "You Lost Me"

Published on 8 March 2022 at 09:30

Photo: Mikey Lavi



Packed with sass and swagger that matches her boundless energy to perform at the highest level, Tatum Quinn’s new single ‘You Lost Me’, which is the second release in a forthcoming trilogy of scrappy and powerful pop rock anthems, acts as an unapologetic approach to overcoming painful moments from past relationships.


Accompanied by searing guitar riffs and faultless vocals, the story of the song centres itself on the axis of regaining control of yourself. It is often easy to get lost when you enter a toxic relationship, and Quinn’s explosive record reiterates just that feeling. 


Known by many as ‘Montreal’s own powerhouse in a little Package’, Tatum Quinn’s musical goal is to inspire the world through her honest lyricism and adrenaline incorporated instrumentals. 


Being no stranger to bullying due to her dyslexia, Quinn has often been the subject of shouts that aim to tell her to “give up on music and get a real job”, thus breeding an inner discipline within the talented musician to provide her fans with a place away from a world that wants you to fit into a stereotypical narrative.


Photo: Mikey Lavi


Tatum has translated difficult periods in her life into a launchpad for a better and brighter future. ‘You Lost Me’ once again gives her listeners a haven for those who want to be themselves without the cost of judgement. 


Honest and relentless in its objectives, ‘You Lost Me’ shows that Quinn has transformed herself into an unbelievable musician with all the potential to prove everyone who doubted her wrong. 








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