LAPELS Release Impressive "The Life And Times" Along With A Great Music Video

Published on 8 March 2022 at 09:59



Unfortunately for those people that still rock a Liam Gallagher-esque haircut in 2022 Britain, guitar music seems to slowly fade into existence with every passing week. Days of Britpop are far gone, but occasionally there’s a band that just seems to get it.


Get it as in… they really understand what 90’s Britain looked like. They understand the ethos in the Britpop music scene, the nooks and crannies in a stage that saw the working class thrive, and they just… bring it all back… sparking a sudden sense of nostalgia that cannot be described.


Lapels are that band.


Except they’re not just confined to the realms of Britpop. 


Photo: Christina Jansen


These East Midland indie boys seem way too ahead of their time. While upbeat indie tunes were being recorded and produced at a stellar rate, almost like a constant production line was operating through the night for them, their latest single undergoes a maturing phase.


The Life and Times’ opts for a more sustained sound; grounded and mature. Having only been an active band since 2021, the band have already signed themselves to Marquee Records with the ink still wet on a live agent signing.


It’s looking more and more likely that Lapels will be something big in the future. But while their rise to the pedestal awaits us, we urge everyone to listen to their latest single. ‘The Life and Times’ showcases Lewis and Pointon’s fluid song-writing approach. 



This newest single is an equal-share collaboration from this young writing team, depicting how bad habits lead to a destructive lifestyle, and how choosing to ignore your faults can spiral into deeper depths, whilst life fritters away. 


It is Nathan Pointon who takes control of vocals this time around, singing from the weary, worn-down perspective of being tired of it all.







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