LITTLE VICTORIES Release ‘One’, An Impressive Debut EP With An Unfeigned Narrative

Published on 8 March 2022 at 17:41

By Angus Sinclair


Meaningful messages and musical flexibility are two inextricably linked elements when it comes to alt-pop three-piece Little Victories’ desire to create songs with purpose, and the debut EP illustrates just this. 


The British trio turn a blind eye to so-called genres. What is the need to be defined by a genre or certain sound when multiple different influences can be mixed into a broth of different flavours?


The debut EP titled ‘One’ makes for a relatable and catchy collection, indeed harnessing influences from the likes of Bon Iver, The 1975, and Oh Wonder.


Little Victories consists of Marcus Gooda (Vocals and Bass), Nay Shalom (Vocals, Keys, Trigger Pads), and Sam Rose (Guitars). Additional credits can be attributed to the percussion skills of Bertie Atkinson and the production wizardry of Crighton Goodwill and Tom Hill.


Gooda and Shalom utilise twin lead vocals to some effect and capture the elegant side of songwriting through their efforts. With the magnetic vocal chemistry and blissful layered acoustics, Little Victories brews a musical concoction that turns a blind eye to so-called genre identity, instead creating an original project with magical hints of different inspirations. 


In Another Rush, Gooda and Shalom’s musical chemistry has that dazzling sheen that leaves listeners transfixed on the elegant gliding of voice on voice. 


The gentle pluck of the acoustic kicks off the EP, with Rose’s guitar skills melting into the vocals like butter, with the poignant message of heartbreak one that sets the tone for the ensuing songs. 


Electronic influences and expression of artistic fluidity are both on show in the collections second track Love Gets Me Down as the soothing vocals slip into techno settings. Upbeat and somewhat funky whilst maintaining the sense of solemn beauty that is conveyed through each and every release. 


A late atmospheric bridge brings the song into a seemingly slow and faded culmination before reigniting the fire with one more boisterous chorus ultimately slipping into a delicate final guitar riff.


With an infectious sound and rhythmic flow, Set In Stone was Little Victories’ debut single, released back in October, and made it onto the EP having already garnered thousands of views for the up-and-coming three-piece.

Finally, Fool: a smooth love song with a traditional underbelly, but not without its quirks and distinctions. This tender touch is a gorgeously melancholy way to conclude a truly excellent debut EP.


Photo: Simon Treasure


Through ‘One’, there is an appreciation for the hard-hitting side of songwriting, covering topics such as mental health, self-love, being understood, and relationship troubles. The band seeks to cultivate a sense of unity and connection that has been lost recently.


We want to instil a level of hope and connection that reassures our audiences that we ALL go through the ups and downs – and that’s life. Everyone has their own story with their own challenges/heartbreak/highs and lows and when we realise that, the situations/feelings that often overwhelm us become less daunting and we feel less alone. Every day becomes about the little victories that get us through i.e. family, friends, music, small wins, faith, etc, hence the band name.”


Well, the aptly named triad convey this resounding message beautifully through their music, indeed ushering a veritable stamp on the message of accepting the different factors of life and understanding that we all go through life’s tumultuous journey together. 


There’s real potential for something special here. Oh Wonder have made a name through gorgeous vocal connection and dual harmonies, leaving a trail of endearing supporters in its wake. Bon Iver and The 1975 succeed through an emotive touch complimented by emphatic, shining production. 


For Little Victories, such things come naturally; it’s truly seamless, and it is clear to see the talent bouncing from each member with slick conviction. 


The result? A brilliant and heartfelt debut EP that offers but a glimpse of the true potential just waiting to burst towards the forefront of the alt-pop industry. 







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