THE RAPPORTS Release "Wanna Be" - An Absolute Powerhouse Of A Track, Along With The Must-See Video

Published on 10 March 2022 at 09:29



Harking back to the glory days of Britpop, The Rapports are a four-piece indie rock band from Brighton, England. Together, they capitulate an exhilarating crescendo of 90’s music with undertones of fresh and unique ideas for the future of guitar music. 


While the southern English rockers are gearing up for their debut album set for release in autumn 2022, the lively performers deliver a slice of indie perfection with their latest single ‘Wanna Be’. A song about wanting to make it in life, the anthemic rhythms are tied seamlessly together by a strap of irresistible melodies and an upbeat aura that embroils it.


For every Kasabian, The Libertines or The Strokes wannabes, there are those that take the next step in formulating a new sound along with their influences to create a trademark tempo that gets on like a house on fire. This is certainly the case with The Rapports newest track, which is accompanied by an equally brilliant music video:



‘Wanna Be’ is set to be just one molecule in a powerhouse new album for the Brighton band. Titled ‘Taking Off’, their debut album looks to be packed full to the brim with upbeat feel-good indie rock anthems, to more seductive power ballads.


With punchy singalong melodies, vibrant guitar soundscapes and a pulsating riff throughout the collection, ‘Taking Off’ will deliver a solid rock album with a song for every mood, while the first single to be released is bound to get you off your feet.


Polishing off the final additions to their latest stomper of a track, the band left us with one last message, giving us a taste of what’s to come. They said:

Our upcoming album is one we’d like to hear sitting on a bench in a pub, a warm IPA in hand and the night to reinvent the world.”


"Wanna Be" is out now on all major streaming platforms.





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