FIRST FRONTIER Recall Rhythmic Rock Underbelly With Stirring New Release “Take Cover”

Published on 10 March 2022 at 10:25

By Angus Sinclair


Having displayed an emotional side to their music last time out, First Frontier have returned today with “Take Cover”, a hard-hitting single focussing on shielding from life’s troubles when the weight of living can appear somewhat insurmountable. 


The garage-rock duo from Birmingham grace the world with their second release of 2022, following the smooth and emotional “Insist”, released last month and blessing listeners with a softer side to their ability. In Take Cover, the many hurdles of daily life are presented as a perpetual struggle for people near and far and is something that First Frontier wish to depict through their songs - whilst sewing a message of endearment into the fabric.


When the going gets tough the comfort and solitude of home and loved ones can be a truly wonderful thing and can aid a disheartened individual through recharging the batteries and repelling any negativity that incessantly attempts to seep through.


Photo: Paul Stafford


The pair have unearthed musical cohesion through a combination of vocal and instrumental infusion, with different skill sets fusing with slick conviction. The latest release utilises short, snappy bursts of lyricism, keeping the meaning grounded and emphatic through powerful writing. 



If you have previously explored First Frontier’s growing collection of catchy tracks, you might feel a sense of déjà vu when hearing Take Cover.  Right back at the start of the artistic journey, the song was the first of First Frontier’s to grace major platforms, albeit in the form of a demo. 


Now, the song has been refined and remastered, offering a finishing touch that fails to disappoint through Paul’s roaring guitar skills and Helena’s brilliance at dictating the song’s flow through her drumbeat.


Take Cover completes the upcoming EP, sweetly slotting into the equation and reaffirming First Frontier’s stature as a real blossoming talent on the rock scene.


Vocally, sometimes one takes the lead, sometimes the other. Frankly, it really doesn’t matter, an intrinsic way of allowing the music to take control is all that matters when First Frontier presents their music. 









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