DEATH THREAT CASSETTE - "Infinite Trick Pony"

Published on 10 March 2022 at 17:30



Despite labelling his music as ‘Hermit Rock’, which according to Lee Pecquer ‘entails forming a band by yourself, cutting oneself off from society, and then creating blistering albums that will remain in obscurity until learned and astute music fans discover previously mentioned releases’, there isn’t quite any genre out there that encapsulates Death Threat Cassette’s newest collection of finely tuned crafts.


Infinite Trick Pony’ sets about the assignment of sending listeners on a breath-taking rip roar journey through a multitude of genres and generations that will fling open new doorways and passages to uncharted territories for musicians and their fanbases. 


Simply put, Our Sound Music has never quite heard music as diverse as this release before.


While the façade of Lee Pecquer and his violent, often unforgiving music stands on the shoulders of punk rock giants, he consistently brings twists to his musical tales, with the boundaries in his latest album being utterly non-existent.


While we often suggest fans of certain bands and artists to follow our guidance to listen to the up-and-coming soundscapes of the artists we are featuring, we cannot do this with Death Threat Cassette. While some songs, such as ‘Yestereve’ and ‘Dance Motherfucker’, force you to dance, harking back to the days of Prodigy, Stone Roses and Happy Mondays all merged into one explosive record, there is still a whole lot more to discover in this whirlwind new album.


In other singles across the album, old western themes spring up while heavy guitar riffs that can be linked to only the coolest bands in British history will tear your soul apart. Furthermore, there are underpinning links to IDLES and Slaves throughout, but all in all, Lee Pecquer is truly one of a kind.


His more adrenaline-fuelled and intense approach to music can be identified most profoundly through songs on the album such as ‘I Don’t Want To Be The Guy That Has to Tell Himself He’s Fucked’ and ‘Hell No!’ Both of these ripping rollercoasters take listeners on a trip through the seeds of Lee’s music - his unapologetic songs are what makes up a major part of Death Threat Cassette’s roots. 


Often hiding behind a purge-looking mask, keeping his underground aura on the path to uncommunicated success, Death Threat Cassette has already highlighted his unbelievable ability to improve on past records with the step up that this album has made in comparison to ‘Use Your Delusion’.


His last album was undeniably addictive, but with the release of ‘Infinite Trick Pony’, Pecquer looks to be accelerating at full throttle as he navigates his way to the top of the scene. Having only been released a couple months ago, ‘Piss Wet Through’, arguably the best release in the album with its searing guitar riffs and melodic lyricism, has already gained almost 40k streams on Spotify - and this shows just where the mercurial, mysterious musician is heading in the future.


Relentless, unwavering, and absolutely incredible - Death Threat Cassette’s newest album ‘Infinite Trick Pony’ is a wonderfully crafted piledriver release that takes listeners on a transit through Britain’s ebbs and flows of musical genres and generations, leaving nothing left to be desired but to listen again and again. ****


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