THE BREAKDOWN Breathe New Life Into Their Anthemic Guitar Release "Summer Song"

Published on 13 March 2022 at 21:25



Breathing life into the ashes of a previous band, one that existed 20 years ago, The Breakdown are a London-based rock group that mesh upbeat jingle jangles with stadium size anthemic guitar walls in their latest release ‘Summer Song’. 


Despite being a product of an early 2000’s recording studio session, ‘Summer Song’ has withstood the test of time, and in 2022, it seems like the perfect moment for its release. Despite the lyrics having to be readjusted to suit the modern age, the elements and vision of the song remains the same; brooding and melancholic. 


Created on the bedrock layer of a relationship coming to its conclusion, the latest single, which looks set to be a catalyst for an imminent album release, is both relentless and poetic in its temperament. While there are definite links to The Smiths throughout the track, it remains uplifting and hopeful in its maquette with the steady guitar instrumentals polishing off a brilliant return to music.



Consisting of Mike Connell, Richard Gale, Andy Stevens, and Toby Young, The Breakdown are a refreshing testament to a band that once thrived in the driving seat of creating music that nodded towards undercurrents of despair at modernity.


Summer Song’ is not exactly what you would expect when you plunge yourself into the heart of the release. While the only thing about it that is summery being the time it was recorded originally, you will no doubt not be disappointed, nevertheless. 







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