"Sucker Punch" The Attitude-Fueled New Release From STEREO GHOSTS Is Out Now

Published on 13 March 2022 at 21:44

Photo: @scarlettjf_



Just four ordinary lads trying to achieve extraordinary things from the streets of Northamptonshire, Stereo Ghosts are less than a year into their journey together, but they have released a song that nails them down as a one to watch in the future.


‘Sucker Punch’ is packed with passion and attitude straight off the bat, with gripping guitar walls and punk-like vocals that bring out that angsty teenage soundscape that has become a hit among younger generations over the years. 


Translating their aggression from the realisation that someone you once possessed love or lust towards caused you nothing but harm into an ever moving and hyperactive release, Six Cheyenne Tales, Dylan Morrison, Benj Eaton, and Benjamin Batchelor cause a ruckus through just their second single.


‘Sucker Punch’, which has already garnered a lot of success from the band’s growing TikTok page, is undergoing the assignment of building on the riches that their debut single ‘Know I Will’ attained. Having been given airtime on BBC Radio Northampton, the young band already have a lot to boast about so early on.


Photo: @scarlettjf_


Showcasing an undying enthusiasm and excitement to entertain, this young band from the little known county of Northamptonshire are ready to sprinkle stardust on the music scene, and their time will come. 







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