THE RACKET Raise The Roof With Energetic Rock Track “Why Are You Watching Me?”

Published on 15 March 2022 at 09:38

Photo: Paul Higgins

By Angus Sinclair


Last Friday, The Racket unleashed a snappy new single “Why are you watching me?”, a ferocious, high-octane, and driven rock number that takes the musicians to the next stage of their rock’n’roll odyssey.  Fuelled with energy and fire in abundance, the new single succeeds in capturing the genre’s very essence with boisterous instrumentals that sit slickly beneath the vocals, spinning a catchy melody throughout. 


The titular question, roared into the mic to devastating effect, affirms the four-piece’s surge towards prominence as a booming rock outlet. Shades of past industry powerhouses are indeed present, with the slick guitar riffs sending shockwaves from the speaker, sure to reverberate around a captivated crowd, helplessly falling prey to the powerful flow. 


To commence the track, drummer Dom Eaton’s considered beat ushers the song into being, with the layered guitar bringing a rising crescendo to the forefront before the lead singer Callum Cobb’s vocals spin the tale.  The lads prove their worth through creating a sense of momentum throughout, without an overload of sounds and instruments that compact the song into a frenetic mess.


Such a mistake can easily be made when attempting to create a rock piece of real conviction but is a mistake that The Racket knows to navigate around. The sheen from the final product is nothing short of a professional, captivating piece of music, and a real continuation of recent endeavours of similar musical nature, such as “Stripes and Lines” and “Take Me Home”. 


What good is a bouncing rock single without an epic guitar riff that raises hair skywards as if struck by a bolt of electricity?


Guitarist Mike White’s shredding of the guitar is swift but salient, lingering as a moment that evokes powerful emotion for nostalgic listeners of the rock genre, eager to feast on new artists’ ability to reignite the fire in the genre’s belly.   Such sensations can indeed occur during live rock performances, something that The Racket can be confident of cashing in on through powerful shows, scarcely leaving fans anything but exhausted from the zestful vibrancy of the showing.


The single is trailed by a promotional video that echoes the narrative that the lads have conveyed through their song writing.


Songwriter Callum says, this has always been a fun song to play, it’s probably one of the most guitar-driven songs we have recorded yet. The song is about 1984 and the dystopian present day we live in, but we have gone about this in a more light-hearted way.”


Producer Jonathan Tringham says, we focused a lot of time on capturing the sounds that had the most convincing energy, this is definitely the most exciting song the lads have put out so far.


Tringham’s words could well ring true, and that is not to denigrate the songs released across the past few years of the band’s early music career, rather, pay homage to a constant upgrade across all departments, an upgrade that brings The Racket ever closer to where they deserve to be in the industry. 







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