JODY & THE JERMS Announce UK Tour To Support Their New Album, "Flicker"

Published on 15 March 2022 at 10:06



Jangly, poppy, and cheerful on the surface and perfectly nostalgic in its spirit, Jody & The Jerms’ music is never short of dynamic arrangements and blissful listening. And with their latest announcement of their ‘Flicker Tour’, fans from across England are welcomed to embark on a journey with the fun-loving band, starting this spring. 


The upcoming tour is being used to show off the band’s newest album release ‘Flicker’, which is out now and available on all major streaming platforms. Like resurfacing a lost reel of Super-8 from days long forgotten, ‘Flicker’ is as warmly nostalgic as it is endearingly pure. Nestling neatly somewhere between the pristine catalogues of Blondie, The Bangles, and The Darling Buds, the Jerms deliver 13 fuzz-driven, love-worn jangle-pop gems of the most classic kind. 


Towed along by Jody’s honey sweet vocals, the latest creation in the band’s production line sets the scene in a sugar rushed environment that will certainly get their fans off their seats. The result of Jody’s vocals being mixed and matched with the band’s jangling guitars is an album that serves as an upbeat soundtrack for better days to come. 


The Oxford-born band will no doubt bring a lively atmosphere to each one of their shows this year. Starting on April 16th at The Gate in Cardiff, Wales, they will bring smiles and joy across the UK all the way up to their final show on July 2nd at Weirfest in Somerset.


Along their trailblazing path, they will also stop by at the quickly growing O’Rileys in Hull; a music venue that is plotting itself on the industry's map with Our Sound Music showcasing some of the country's hidden gems in the indie world over the last few months.


O’Rileys is fast becoming dubbed as a hotspot for new bands, being an epicentre for good value live music in the north. While bands such as Segarra and The Rills have already become a part of the venue’s history, Jody & The Jerms will hope to add to the fabric of Our Sound Music’s chosen stomping ground and its story. 



April 16 - The Gate, Cardiff. Wales Goes Pop!

May 16-22 IPO Festival Cavern Club, Liverpool.

June 13 - Half Moon Putney 

June 14 - West Street Live, Sheffield

June 15 - O'Rileys, Hull

June 16 - Bullingdon, Oxford

June 17 - Beacon Festival

June 18 - Chichester Inn, Festival of Chichester 

July 2 - WeirFest, Somerset


Tickets on sale now here:

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