GAZELLE Impress With New Release "Magic Carpet Ride"

Published on 18 March 2022 at 10:55



Uninspired by today’s chart music, Gazelle, the phenomenal Leicester quartet, channel their angst and spirit into a relatable, working-class tune titled ‘Magic Carpet Ride’. Despite going against the norms of modern music, burgeoning their soundscapes with 90’s guitar riffs and stadium size choruses, the band have already received their fair share of plaudits.


Gaining recognition through airplay from Sky’s Soccer AM and Radio X, Gazelle are a hard-working band that continue to create music for people who wish they lived in past generations where guitar music thrived and real stories from real musicians would latch onto the attention of the entire country.


‘Magic Carpet Ride’ follows the same path as many of their past releases, thriving on the foundations of a continuous, blistering guitar riff that is finalised by Ryan Dunn’s beguiling vocals that remain an encompassing theme of the song right until the bitter end.



Accompanied by a highly relatable, and in many ways comedic, music video, ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ follows a girl on a trip to meet some friends. But instead of being ready to meet her friends, she quickly finds herself in the pub, with very little persuasion needed. 


Much like the pub to the girl in the music video, Gazelle’s newest single is luring, addictive and extremely enrapturing. 


The band has already been earmarked as the perfect antagonist for today’s music , and with their trademark sound seeping through the cracks of ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ too, their cult-like following of post Britpop hotheads will soon give them the recognition they deserve once again. 

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