"Synergy", The Compelling New Post-Punk Single From DEATH OF THE HIGH STREET Is Out Today

Published on 18 March 2022 at 11:06



Sometimes in punk music, especially that of these so-called post punk indie rock bands, the monotonous vocal range that they use is highly addictive. There is something within the nonchalance manner of Death Of The High Street’s new single that draws you in compulsively, despite the often venomous senses that you get throughout ‘Synergy’. 


What DOTHS achieves particularly well in their newest single is choosing a theme and topic to rotate their music around. While the atmosphere it echoes is excruciatingly demonic in some ways and intangibly compelling in others, the meaning behind the song points fingers towards the absurdity and contradiction of life.


We all walk around in our happy, safe, and predictable bubble, whilst the world is as chaotic as ever. The band places itself in an environment of war, famine, greed, and injustice to curate a track that has become ever more current with the devastating news that reverberates from Ukraine. 


In this particular single, however, the band look introspectively into the daily struggle of people losing themselves in the endless cycle of social media wormholes. Individuals shying away from each other on the streets, choosing to communicate through digital means instead is just one of the examples the band indicated towards their belief of a dying society.


The band states:Synergy is a mantra. A reminder that the collective struggle is more important than the individual. We should remember, no matter the importance we place on the person, no matter how much the powers that be attempt to single us out and turn us into consumerist automations, we will only really know ourselves properly when we interact with those around us.”


Sharp insights and unforgiving riffs that are polished off by the somewhat mesmerising monotonous vocals in DOTHS latest single helps to add to the band’s trademark sound which is quickly forging itself in the post punk shadows. 


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