Published on 21 March 2022 at 22:23

Words: Adam Wright


We are back with another round-up of the week’s best indie releases. Kicking things off is this week’s Single Of The Week. This week we’ve gone for the new drop from Serotones. The track, named ‘Nothing’s What It Seems’, was dropped last Friday and marks the start of the York-based band’s 2022 releases. Haunting vocals sit atop instrumentation that bobs and weaves through harsh and soft sounds. Having already been picked up by the likes of Radio X, the track is set to further the band’s platform. 


Next this week is the new drop from the Scottish based Midnight Alleys. Their new tune, called ‘Fools Die’, is taken from the group’s forthcoming album. The track combines retro-psychedelia with modern indie tones to create a truly fresh sounding record. The Richard Ashcroft-inspired vocal adds to the tune’s retro feel and leaves it sounding halfway between The Zombies and Primal Scream. 


Moving onto a slightly heavier one now. This next tune comes from the Galway-based band, The Clockworks. ‘Endgame’ sees the band grip their punk-indie sound by the horns. Sharp guitars and a two-chord strumming pattern dominate the instrumental landscape while lyrics that warn of the dangers of overthinking give the tune its aptness. 


Next up this week is the new one from The Straights. The band, who haven’t dropped any new music since 2020, dropped their new tune, ‘Never The Right Time’ earlier this month. The track features a heavier sound to the one present on their debut EP. Rock ’n’ Roll guitars, soaring solos and thumping drums give the tune a classic rock feeling that announces the band’s re-emergence in the best way. 


Next on the playlist is the exciting new drop from Sunset Collective. The Sheffield-based group have been making waves in their home town for a while and their new tune, ‘I Want You To Hit Me As Hard As You Can’ makes it clear why. The tune’s lyrics center around themes of conflict and its instrumentation embodies the band’s full-bodied indie rock sound.  


Change of vibe with this next one, which comes from the solo artist, Fiske. The track is called ‘Unbroken’ and is the second release from the London-born Singer-Songwriter. Gentle acoustic sounds make up the bulk of the tune’s sound, while Fiske sings hauntingly about the commitment all relationships need. The tune comes from her forthcoming album, the details of which are to be announced soon. 


We’re sticking with more chilled-out vibes to end this week’s list. It comes from the Manchester-based VALA. The tune, named ‘This Town’ is the second single to come from the group in 2022. Its sound is tricky to pin down. Lamenting, hoarse vocals evoke The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas, while pop-influenced instrumentation gives the tune a groovy and lively feeling. The end result is an addictive and fresh tune.


All of the above releases can be listened to on our Spotify Playlist here.


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