"Can't Lose", The Incredible New Single From BAILEY TOMKINSON Delivers A Breath Of Fresh Air

Published on 22 March 2022 at 21:17

Photo: Matt Snelling



Bailey Tomkinson is an Our Sound Music favourite for a reason; she continues to show her tremendous talent and brings even more shine to the sun with her latest release ‘Can’t Lose’. 


Being the first single to be unveiled from her upcoming EP ‘California Fire’, Bailey bursts into rhythm with a clean-cut mix of surf-rock, americana, and pop that sees her delicate, harmonic vocals be paired coherently with her band and Rex Orange County’s Michael Underwood on sax for a huge 80’s style track.


Hailing from the wind-swept, sunny shores of St Ives, Cornwall, Bailey has been brought up on glimmers of beachy basslines and honeyed soundscapes, so it is no surprise when listening to ‘Can’t Lose’ that you end up becoming overwhelmed by senses of nostalgic sunshine and hopeful horizons. 


Throughout the whispers of the track, that echo sounds from the shoreline, listeners are taken on a facile trip that sees peace and quietude link together in consonance. Adding on to it all, the track’s emotional weighting lies within its euphonious, soaring hooks and urgent choruses.


Above: Watch an exclusive solo acoustic version of "Can't Lose", courtesy of Talk Tonight HQ (Credit: Dan Smith)


Giving an insight to her latest single, Bailey says: "I was listening to a lot of 80’s east coast rock when I wrote ‘Can’t Lose’ - Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, that kind of thing. I had in mind a real homage to the New York sound of that era, adding Michael Underwood's incredible sax to the band really helped bring that energy. I even managed to sneak a nod to Carly Simon in the lyrics too."


Bailey Tomkinson is a breath of fresh air when it comes to upbeat music. While so many pop musicians are trapped into thinking catchy hook lines and artificial sounds are the only way forward within the modern industry, Bailey takes what she knows and adds in what she likes from her influences to bring a sound that is irresistibly timeless. 








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