THE KAVES Unleash Second Single "What's In Your Head?"

Published on 24 March 2022 at 10:38



When logging into my emails to see what bands and articles needed to be promoted and written for the day, the most auspicious sign I get is recognising a name. Of course, this band is by no means a highly reputable tag yet, but I sure did remember the name ‘The Kaves’.


Having promoted their debut single ‘Migraine’ back in September of last year, I was excited to unravel the outer layer of their second-ever release ‘What’s In Your Head? Certainly, a lot of questions raced through my head at the time…


Why do I remember this band so profoundly?


Have they improved from their exhilarating first single?


What does this new song entail?


As questions flooded my mind and curiosity flowed coarsely through my veins, I decided to answer each query one at a time. First, I remember the band for the time and effort they put into their debut single, which by the way, had me off my seat.


Secondly, yes is the answer, and thirdly, a lot is the final answer.


Upon listening to their debut track, it was pretty hard to see how the band could refine their sound further, but make no mistake, they have done just that through the gritty and atmospheric nuances in ‘What’s In Your Head’.


Months have elapsed since they made their stomping first musical appearance to the world and they have burnt the midnight oil time and time again to bring to us another special, special tune.


Glaswegian and proud, The Kaves emit a sweeping, high voltage sound in their second single, quickly cultivating an uproarious complexion to their music which is becoming somewhat of a coat of arms for the band. An insignia as such.


From top to bottom, this Scottish band are enthralled by rock’n’roll, giving their all to make it to the pinnacle of the scene. While still very early into their life expectancy, being years from their prime, we are lucky to have started their journey with them.


They have a range of live shows coming up in 2022, including a trip to Hull and Edinburgh, but where they go is limitless in the future. No doubt, if they continue to show this unmitigated enthusiasm in their sound, we don’t doubt that King Tut’s and Hampden Park will come calling in the future.





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