"Thinking Twice" Is The Vibrant New Release From CHARLIE BAKER

Published on 25 March 2022 at 07:25



Expediting his latest track with that Spanish guitar strum everyone is familiar with, ‘Thinking Twice’ is elevated straight into an inferno of sounds, hitting home with undertones of romance and sexiness to deliver a single that soaks listeners in a tropical storm of soundscapes.


The talented Charlie Baker’s newest song tells the story of meeting the right person at the wrong time - a state of affairs that is bound to be relatable to many of us. Although a subject that could easily be looked at in a negative light, Baker swings the momentum into an upbeat manner that shows these times mustn’t be reflected upon with pain and suffering, but positives have to be outlined.


To a great extent, the tropical R&B sounds act as a release of emotions, proving that life without someone doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Charlie, who is only 21 years and three singles into his livelihood, binds genres together effortlessly, bringing his own personal experiences in to cap off a fresh summer sound for all.


‘Thinking Twice’ is the perfect backdrop to the recent sunshine weather the country has been enduring over the last couple of weeks. Charlie Baker’s newest single has been released with sublime timing, and we are sure his success will come with time too. 







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