CARLEY VARLEY Releases Storytelling New Single "Shore"

Published on 28 March 2022 at 09:24



Characterised by her softly spoken vocals and ukulele melodies, Carley Varley’s latest single ‘Shore’ is her final song off her ‘Seasons’ EP. Fresh from the sun-soaked coast of Bournemouth, Carley tells the story of working through a tough time in a relationship in her beautiful, poetic new release.


Instead of taking the stance that toxicity in relationships calls for a definite end to a couple, the southern-based singer/songwriter chooses to bring light to what two people can achieve when they are both committed to the cause. “There are many breakup songs already out there”, Carley admitted. “I wanted to write about a couple working hard in their relationship and trying to make things work”.


Mixing an indie influence into her own style of music, the talented musician also focuses heavily on emotive writing in her latest song. Being a regular to the music scene in the Southwest of England, Carley now seeks to conquer more of the country with her highly soothing waves of musicianship. 


She plans on taking her new single with her on trips to The Art House in Southampton and to Spice of Life in Soho, London this spring. As things stand, music is just a successful hobby for Carley, but she is soon homing in on a full-time basis.







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