TIM NOVA Releases Rousing New Single "Fate"

Published on 29 March 2022 at 07:43



Tim Nova is a Cheshire-based singer-songwriter and overall talent who spent much of his formative year of 2021 building his following up and writing a conveyor belt abundance of indie stompers. 


Now in 2022, he looks to bring his outstanding music to the ears of the country. ‘Fate’ is his newest single that keeps the big sounds that were heard in his first release ‘Far Away’ which dropped in January. 


Nova isn’t a rookie to the music scene, having played in a band for over 10 years, but the solo route he now treks down is a whole new challenge. A challenge that he has taken by the scruff of the neck and smashed out of the park. 


To the greatest degree, Tim Nova’s latest song sounds like the work of a mature band that has toured the country in full circle plenty of times. Featuring soaring harmonies, uplifting melodies and unbeatable choruses, influences from the likes of Snow Patrol and Stereophonics are evident throughout.



Promoting his new release with a noticeable gleam across his face, Tim explained: The song was written early in 2021 and I decided to get it produced in the summer with Al Groves at the Motor Museum, Liverpool. The idea of the song was to keep things fairly minimal and have a good vocal hook, a thumping kick drum that carries through the whole song, and as the track builds, more elements keep dropping in, until the ending where it finishes with a full brass section! 

“I’ve always been a rock lover and a fan of big guitar anthems, but I also like good ballads and feel I can mix the two nicely with a touch of that modern indie-pop element.” 







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