Published on 29 March 2022 at 11:27

Words: Adam Wright


Welcome to the last OSM new single round up. Each week we collect just a few of the finest tunes to fly out of the independent music scene and compile them right here, for you.


We’ll start with this week’s choice for our Single Of The Week. This week we’ve gone for the new single from Brighton’s Ciel. The single, named ‘Fine Everything’, showcases the band’s incredible ability to evade genre boxes. The track combines elements of pop, shoegaze, and garage rock to create an enthralling and fresh sounding dream-rock track. The tune is the lead single from the band’s forthcoming EP which, if this single is anything to go by, won’t be like anything you’ve ever heard. 


Next on this week’s list comes from a group you’ve surely heard of. It’s Skylights with their track, ‘Outlaw’. Fans of the band will be familiar with the group’s indie rock sound and ‘Outlaw’ is no different. Sharp guitars, alt-rock energy and northern grittiness all accumulate to mold a track that leaves little doubt over this band’s potential. The track comes from the band’s forthcoming debut record and sets the tone for it perfectly...speaking of northern grittiness, this next band follows suit. Sheafs are a post-punk outfit from Yorkshire’s Sheffield and their new single, ‘En Route Distress’ is out now. According to the band, the tune centers around concepts of self-reflection. It pulls out all the stops in terms of it’s sound, too: it’s sludgy instrumentation evokes the likes of Shame and Enola Gay to name a few. Everything about this band seems to scream ‘exciting’ up is the new drop from Holy Coves. The North Wales-based band dropped a new single, ‘The Hurt Within’ on Friday. The tune showcases the group’s gloomy and psych-drenched sound. The tune’s vocal sits within the instrumentation and allows the swirling and chaotic guitars to wash over it, creating a devouring and euphoric sounding record...moving on now and this next one comes from indie rock band, RATS. Their new single, ‘Jenny’ sees the band adopt a slightly more poppy tone to what fans might be used to. Witty lyricism makes light of the darker side of life, and does so with infectious rhythms that give the track a distinct listenability. The band have already drawn significant attention from the wider music press and this track is sure to further the interest surrounding is the new drop from Newbury-based singer/songwriter, Joe Hicks. His latest tune, ‘Mirror Mirror’ sees the singer stepping out of his comfort zone. Its rock-inspired rhythms would have been rejected by him previously but, keen to explore, he rode the vibe. The track feels like a complete body of work: its melodic instrumentation and soothing vocal don’t just sound well-placed, but further develop Hicks’ musical this week is the latest single from the Watford-based Sinka. The alt-rock trio’s new single, ‘Don’t Speak Just Listen’ features a gritty and pop-punky inspired sound. Choppy guitars and pounding drums pave the way for soaring choruses on a track that pushes the band’s development onwards. .Lastly this week is the new single from Amie Jay. It might just be one of the first tracks to find its way onto this year’s summer playlist. It’s called ‘Sweet Nostalgia’ and is a poppy and synth infused track that puts good vibes at its heart. Wobbly melodies and clean rhymes form the track’s foundation, adding a funky movability to the tune’s sound.

All of the above releases can be listened to on our Spotify Playlist here



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