SPLIT PERSONA Bring Life To The Rock Scene With Thunderous Anthem “I Need More’

Published on 5 April 2022 at 17:37

Photo: Zander Hoschak

By Angus Sinclair


Split Persona have this week unleashed new high-powered music with “I Need More”, with the suitably named single certainly living up to the name, leaving fans in awe and eager for more tunes.


The earworm of a number is certain to persist in your head and wrap around your senses as a blend of instrumentals roar the track into life and send shockwaves through all sat in the blast zone. 


The vocals are emphatic, the lyrics are catchy, and Split Persona’s aura is unmistakable; this is a hard rock band capable of reigniting the fire at the heart of an intense and powerful genre. 


Split Persona is charged by the efforts of four talented artists: Zander Hoshack (lead vocals/rhythm guitar); Brogan Kelly (lead guitar); Jacob Rubin (bass); Mike Patterson (drums) combining to great effect. 


The new track also features 3 Doors Down guitarist Chet Roberts, as well as drummer Greg Upchurch (Eleven, Puddle of Mudd) to add another layer to the intricate production.



Split Persona is the winner of the 2019: High School Battle of the Bands and emerged on the scene with a fantastic self-titled ep released in February 2020, receiving several accolades. 


Plying their trade from Reno, Nevada, the band have started to increase a platform that began at ‘the biggest little city in the world’, making their name across the United States and starting to see their labour sweep across the Atlantic Ocean toward a British scene desperate for ferocious new bands. 


Roaring riffs and formidable vocals are staples for any rock outfit, and Split Persona sit in good stead with Hoshack at the helm – his singing style seemingly tailor made for such endeavours in the industry. 


A late bridge opens the stage for a fiery riff that comes as a staple for any rock number worth its salt before Hoshack’s culminating cackle sweetly encapsulates Split Persona.


Vibrant, electric, wild. This is a band with a burning desire to rip through the crowd with thunderous conviction. This is a band on the up.


Split Persona have bundles of energy and allure; listening to the lads is a truly unforgettable experience, levels above the ostensible mediocrity of modern rock.









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