Published on 5 April 2022 at 07:50

Words: Adam Wright


Welcome to OSM’s latest round-up of indie single releases. As ever, we’ll start with this week’s Single Of The Week.


This week we’ve chosen the fuzzy sounding release from the Sheffield-based Bloom. The tune, named ‘Tiffany’ is the group’s third single to date and builds on the group’s indie rock sound. The track puts distorted guitars and groovy rhythms at its heart, crafting a sharp and retro-sounding rock tune. After only a few months on the scene, the band are quickly shaping up to be one of Sheffield’s most exciting bands. 


Onto the rest of the week’s new music and we start with Crawlers. The band, who come from Liverpool’s thriving music scene, released ‘I Can’t Drive’ in late March and have added another bold track to their discography. With lyrics that throw shade at the media’s glamorisation of mental health issues, the band have again used their music to voice a poignant message. The tune is the group’s first to be released on Polydor records and comes ahead of a nine-date UK tour…next this week is the tune from Wolforna. Their new single, ‘Writing On The Walls’ showcases a further development of the group’s sound. Where their previous single adopted a largely gritty style to its instrumentation, ‘Writing On The Walls’ remains subtle for the majority of its runtime and showcases a new side to the quartet. up is the  latest release from The Shed. The Irish quintet take inspiration from sounds of modern indie music and their new track, ‘Slipstream’ speaks to these inspirations. Its poppy and restless instrumentation gives the track a youthful feeling and evokes Viola Beach. The band have a few gigs under their belt and intend on expanding their circuit soon. ..moving on now and this next track is from the Runcorn-based Peach St. The tune, named ‘Is What It Is’ features a sound well connected to the band’s North-Western roots. Its soaring and soothing vocal is akin to Oasis, while the jangly guitar lines wouldn’t be out of place on a Stone Roses track. While the tune wears its influence on its sleeve, it remains a fresh sounding and infectious song…this next one, in terms of its sound, marks somewhat of a departure from the rest of the list. It comes from Staarks and is called ‘All Of Your Love’. It brings high-octane and punky energy throughout its sub-three-minute run time. It adds to the band’s previous two singles and, yet again, acts as an ode to the group's DIY ethos…and, finally for this week’s list, is the new track from Faers. The London-based band’s new single, ‘Alive’ was written during lockdown and reflects the feelings of isolation we all felt. The tune features experimental electronic rhythms, gentle guitar lines and misty vocals that seem to embody the experience we all shared.  


All of the above releases can be listened to on our Spotify Playlist here


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