"Vitrail" The New Single From PHOTOSHOOT Is Out Now

Published on 4 April 2022 at 10:41



First things first, I’d like to proclaim that, despite only listening to one song in-depth, Photoshoot are already a band that I see myself and my ears getting along with well for many years to come. They present themselves well, create easy-listening music, and express an impalpable merriment towards their musical project - they simply paint themselves as four cool lads who are set up to deal with any hurdle that comes their way.


‘Vitrail’ is their first single to be released from their debut EP titled ‘I Don’t Think It’s Open’, and it is driven by Liam Kernan’s powerful vocals that float atop of Leo Espinosa’s silky surf-rock clouds, Donovan Jermyn’s nitro-generated bass lines, and Pat Levesque’s rhythmic torrent. Together, they form a deadly concoction which can be linked to all sorts of genres. 


While the Surfy-indie undertones transport you to the tranquillity of Australia, with links to DMAS and Sticky Fingers being profound, the aggressive choruses and pipeline riffs will suddenly wash over you as you discover Photoshoot’s emo-punk influences. It truly is a song that ebbs and flows upon every verve. 



Photoshoot gets everything right in their latest release as they tell stories of band member’s past troubles, trauma, more recent personal events, and stories they have imagined. Despite the solemnity behind the meaning and creation of the song, however, listeners should be prepared to undertake a citrusy listen when they dive deep into the heart of ‘Vitrail’.


We look forward to the rest of the EP that is fast-approaching from Photoshoot, but for this fun-loving, easy going band, ‘Vitrail’ is a powerful start to proceedings. 






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Cheryl Zsigalov
2 years ago

Cant wait to hear more from Photoshoot, keep your ear to their sound...they are ones to watch as they "rock it" to greater heights!!!