OLLIE WADE Demonstrates The Gift Of Music On New Single "She"

Published on 4 April 2022 at 10:16



Flowers, a card, chocolates or a sweet-smelling Yankee candle that lasts no longer than a week (rip off!) - these are all presents you could have got your mum for Mother’s Day, and no matter what her actual opinion on the gift was, she will look at you with that all too familiar face and pour her love to you.


In every sense, it’s hard to know what to get your mum for the special day, but Ollie Wade’s latest single shows that a little bit of creativity and thoughtfulness can go a long way. In an attempt to be different, Ollie has released a heartfelt, melancholic track that he has dedicated to his mum this year.


Without the help of a team or major label, Ollie has already gained over 2.5 million streams on Spotify alone, and his ability to tap into his deepest emotions are what sets his music apart from the rest. But through the release of ‘She’, he composes something way more unique.


Usually, we would be the ones to explain what the song is about and how it sounds, but Ollie sums it up perfectly in his own words, and explains:Last year, when Mother's Day was coming up, I really wanted to do something different and special for my Mum. With not much money due to being hit hard financially from the pandemic, I was wondering what I could do to show just how much my Mum means to me, and I decided to write a song for her. 


“I have always expressed myself and my feelings best through song writing and I didn’t think words alone would carry enough weight. So, I wrote ‘She’. It’s a tribute to my mother, whilst also showing that I see her and everything she is for me and for others. She has always been the one that I and countless others come to with their problems and pain, taking it all on to be there for them whilst shelving her own struggles at the same time. I could see how heavy that could be at times and how much I admired her strength. 

“I think the chorus line of the song sums up my message perfectly, ‘In the Simplest way, the thing I want to say is I love you".



The gifted songwriter continued: 

I actually taught myself classical piano during lockdown, so I set myself the task to arrange something special and beautiful on the piano to accompany my words. I was inspired by songs such as Billy Joel’s ‘She’s always a woman’ and wanted to write something contemporary and true to my own identity as an artist. I’m very proud of the result. Although personally dedicated to my Mother, I feel the song has relatable lyrics for every son and daughter out there to honour their mother too.”


"She" is out now on all major streaming platforms.







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