ALFIE AND THE AVALON Release Their Story-Driven New Single "Burnout"

Published on 3 April 2022 at 01:32



When they were asked if there were any key happenings in the band that would be of interest to those who like their music, Alfie and the Avalon were quick to note Ewan, the quartet’s lead guitarists, dazzling ability to play pretty much every instrument under the sun. 


In the band’s latest single ‘Burnout’, of the tools at his disposal, you can hear the guitar and piano encapsulated by a citrusy banjo sound that echoes ominously through the entirety of the track. However, they fail to recognise the rest of the band’s traits to combine and create melodic, storytelling music.


Of course, Ewan’s intangible talents play a defining role in systemizing a magnificent sound, but without the harmonic vocals of Alfie, and the chemistry between Toby and Joe on bass and drums, Alfie and the Avalon would not be considered a roaring success in the waiting.


The Huddersfield quartet have consistently puzzled together a summery and jingly sound that resonates with fans of early Coldplay and Sam Fender to place themselves on a crashless course to higher recognition.


‘Burnout’, on the surface, is just like any other track that is being released right now with the hope of being the 2022 summer hit. But unlike the songs you hear in the charts, it tells a much more thrilling story under the seams. Talking about the release, the band explains:The song is written from the perspective of an individual observing a friend whose mental health and well-being is slowly deteriorating due to their efforts to try and achieve 'creative perfection'. 


“As the story progresses the individual realises that he himself is starting to fall victim to the same problem... As the song goes on the individual begins to question himself and his own motivations. The idea of 'burning-out' is a very relatable feeling from many experiences and this song is an honest account of an individual struggling with that internal battle.”



This band are committed to showing the world what they are worth, and after finishing university recently, having all studied music or music production, Alfie and the Avalon are well-equipped to have a say in their own futures. 


Within ‘Burnout’, you can consider listening to it under two different lights. Option number one will see you in the summer shades of jingly indie rock music, not paying attention to the underlayers of the track, while choosing to venture down option two will see you become lost in the nooks and crannies of a brilliant and fluctuating story within the carefully thought-out lyrics. 


In retrospect, though, we definitely recommend you choose option three - which includes immersing yourself into both sides of ‘Burnout’s spectrum! 





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