COLLEGE ELITE Release Unrelenting New Single "I Might Fall Apart" This Friday

Published on 6 April 2022 at 17:27


Lo-fi indie-rocker College Elite releases their new single, "I Might Fall Apart" this Friday, the 8th of April. College Elite is the brainchild of Joshua William, whose DIY ethic was noted on previous single "Next Semester" which was released in January.


"I Might Fall Apart" is a spirited affair that despite its lo-fi roots, has pop elements and a huge chorus. Produced by Tayte Nickols (Super Morza, The Sheratons), the sound is fresh, vibrant and altogether glorious.


Of the release, Joshua said: "I wanted to do a more fast paced jangly pop style song, going as pop as even Busted. I wrote the song on piano so i could focus first on the lyrics and vocal melodies rather than have in my mind how I was going to play it on guitar. I wanted it to be non-stop for 2 and a half minutes and this is what came out."



"I Might Fall Apart" is a welcome detour into pop-punk territory and is a track that maintains its credibility throughout. With Joshua William taking on the roles of songwriter, guitarist and percussionist, this really is a case of Joshua being a genuinely unique talent, his driving force something to be admired.


"I Might Fall Apart" is a slice of US college rock that arrives via Manchester, England and is all the better for it. Released on Friday, this new single is a must addition to any playlist, and certainly a track to get straight to first thing on Friday morning.









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