Published on 11 April 2022 at 07:15

Photo: Liz Tainsh



A lot of musicians and bands set themselves up for failure before they even start releasing music, being taken aback by their identity, ethos, and genre choice. By sticking to the rationale that, if it sounds good it should be released, SALT is a band that typifies just what modern day music is all about.


Refusing to be confined by expectations and tunnel-visioned narratives, ‘Cellophane’ is the band’s latest successful album release, and it pulls together an eclectic array of influences and soundscapes, making it a justifiably world-beating whirlwind of a creation.


Throughout their 13-track album, there are times where listeners will feel joyous and exultant by the upbeat backing instrumentals, but on other occasions, they will be dropped into the deep end of SALT’s most vulnerable state; a sandpit of the soul that the band aren’t afraid to tap into. 


‘Cellophane’ is a considerably encyclopaedic album that tackles a range of dark and cavernous themes that are driven by an emotional intensity which embroils the release. Featuring their debut song ‘Ruby Bane’, the 13 tracks pose somewhat like a journey through the band’s ebbs and flows early into their career. 


SALT are one of the very few bands in this age that know their worth and image like the back of their hands, and they use this transparent confidence to continuously deliver sounds that will make anyone tick. From the full throttle, shameless racket of ‘Heaven’s Sake’ to the mellowed, upbeat aura of ‘Acid Smile’ and ‘Kicking Back the Guilt’, there is quite literally something for everybody. 


Photo: Liz Tainsh


This band really does have it all, and they show it off from start to finish. The title track ‘Cellophane’ is high-quality, their debut single ‘Ruby Bane’ is spotless, and every song that comes in between is a sign of bigger things to come.


While they release any music they produce that they think sounds good, they have set their standard very, very high. 









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