MOLLY BAKER Releases Contemporary New Single "Runaway"

Published on 11 April 2022 at 14:49



Molly Baker proves that the grass is greener on the other side when you listen to good music through the release of her new single ‘Runaway’. Her latest song will inject a fluster of immediate energy into your day when you listen to it.


Runaway’ is a song that tells the story of how Molly felt when she found out that her grandmother was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease. Certainly, it deals with themes that nobody would consider positive, but she delivers an up-tempo, vibrant sound that gives off the impression that Molly is staying positive - something that makes this track very, very special.


This song is all about your feelings when you are challenged by tough situations. Sometimes you can face the news, other times all you want to do is Runaway’", she said upon reflecting the creative process behind the single. 


Inspired by the likes of Olivia Rodrigo and Harry Styles, Molly believes in the ethos of portraying her emotions in her music for the best results. This is certainly the case with ‘Runaway’, which shows that negative subjects can easily and perfectly be translated into positive outlooks through a feel-good song.


Molly also shows off the angsty side of her character in this creation, mixing an array of emotions to entwine a solid combination of atmospheres and feelings in her soundscape. Dealing with the news of her grandmother’s condition was always going to be tough for Molly, but we think she’s dealt with it beyond perfectly, releasing an amazing new single, too.


The grass is always greener depending on how you deal with certain situations, and this is a mindset that Molly will hopefully string along with her during her musical adventure, because she sure does have the talent to go far. 





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