"See The Sun" is The Addictive And Anthemic Latest Release From GULLY

Published on 12 April 2022 at 13:45

Credit:  Luke Shadrick



Gully’s voice is as addictive and as anthemic as ever through his newest release ‘See the Sun’, which entails an exploration of self-interrogation. The song depicts turbulent battle with the artistic doubts of such things as whether he has ‘got his lines right’, as well as the single then rebutting with self-assurance by way of a funky brass-accompanied mantra that won’t stop until the narrative voice sees the sun.


Born in Portsmouth, England, Gully has been musically inclined since the beginning. Now, with years of practice behind him, he is everything that you could want to be in a musician. He can sing, he plays the drums, bass, synth, trumpet, trombone, and even a saxophone. He really is one of a kind with his versatility.


The now Bristol-based musician hasn’t always had it easy, though. It was always inevitable that Gully would make it to big things on the stage, but when recording his debut record for the first time, he broke his jaw - a story he came across excited to tell.


The first time I tried recording my debut record, Student Blues, I broke my jaw. Vocal recording quickly descended into Charades. For the shooting of the 'Wasted' music video, I ended up inadvertently drinking about 9 pints in an hour as the shot demanded we had a bevy of empty glasses in frame. Not much else was achieved that day. Rumour has it that I'm the favourite musician of the Queen's corgis (unsubstantiated)”, he explained.



Since the early chaos, he has become a musician that many will admire. Having already headlined the BBC Introducing stage at the Little Orchard Festival in Cornwall, Gully has gone on to headline several venues across Bristol, too. 


And with the release of ‘See The Sun’, Gully shows off his captivating musical skill set at exhilarating indie rock pace. Usually, I would, at this point, say something along the lines of ‘This song is built on the bedrock layer off…’ but the truth is, there are far too many layers to this song to only pick one.


There’s pop within it, there’s angsty attitudes, there’s indie summer vibes, and everything in between! We love it!






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