CABLE TV Releases Highly Creative New Single "Rafters"

Published on 12 April 2022 at 15:58



cable tv, under the control of James Yuill, have this week released their aesthetically dark new single ‘rafters’, which coalesces an ode to 90s R&B toplines with synth soundscapes to develop an eerie atmosphere in their sixth single to date. 


Placing itself in the shadows of Yuill’s deepest conscience, cable tv is a musical project that has already toyed with themes such as masculine toxicity and self-doubt, but the latest breath to filtrate from the genius of the band sinks its teeth into the idea of becoming your own worst enemy. 


‘rafters’ is both mysterious and highly infectious. There is something otherworldly about the release, and it’s hard to say whether it’s the electronic psyche or dark underbelly that makes it such a gripping listen from start to finish. 


James Yuill had built a reputation before his latest project, by combining a concoction of musical flavours that he would go on to copyright as ‘Folktronica’. But now, he focuses almost solely on the electronic and synth sounds that are embedded deep into the roots of his musical background. By focusing more on this genre, it allows the solo artist to dig deeper into the nooks and crannies of a darker aesthetic - one that he has admitted to love. 


As he plans to release a music video in the coming weeks, here at OSM, we are excited to see what he comes up with, hoping that we can pick some of James’ immersive and interesting brain apart using his visuals. cable tv is built on the bedrock layer of a distinctively creative mind, and it is the musician’s thought processes that remain the most central part in his lifework. 


There have always been characters in the musical underworld that have caught the attention of millions for their differences. Anyone from the late Syd Barrett to the likes of Grian Chatten of Fontaine’s D.C. will forever be known for their creative mind because they portray themselves as characters with an overly productive mindset, pulling listeners in with their intelligence.


These characters and their minds just seem to see things differently to everyone else, living in their own immersive dimensions. 


It really feels like James Yuill, under the title of cable tv, has all the artillery in his locker to be one of these characters. 






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