TWIN STRANGER Release Power-Pop Track "Sweat"

Published on 13 April 2022 at 11:51


Revised photo in your magazine, is that what you want to believe?


Welsh power-pop quartet Twin Stranger have today released their new single, "Sweat" via Rose Parade Recording Co.


Fronted by Alex McConnachie, the first thing about Twin Stranger's latest release that captures the listeners ear is just how fresh it sounds, especially in comparison to what other bands are doing. I was transported back to the mid 90's when I first heard The Posies; Twin Stranger have that underlying power chord sound that combines with a more dreamy and airy soundscape to produce something that very little other bands are doing today. Something altogether brilliant.


Twin Stranger are very much Alex's vehicle; he is clearly a talented lyricist and composer and he had a hand in producing "Sweat" too. Listening to Twin Stranger's back catalogue and this new release you can hear shades of classic British 80's tracks and the influence of US bands such as Buffalo Tom and The Lemonheads. This is not to take away from what the band have produced here - it is still very much their own sound.



"Sweat" is two minutes and twenty-seven seconds of pure joy. The vocal seems to float throughout the song; the understated synths adding an underlying atmosphere to a release that is  pure pop brilliance, done in a fashion that is currently unique. "Sweat" is a song that despite its topical and intelligent lyrics, you can also listen to on a sunny spring day and forget about the world for a few minutes, lost in its shimmering embrace.


"Sweat" is out today on all major streaming platforms and you can listen to the track below.






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